Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Letter on the Road, Pablo Neruda

A little bit of yum for your day ... that would be 'yum' according to Di.
You can find more translated Neruda poetry over at Red Poppy.net

Letter on the Road

Farewell, but you will be
with me, you will go within
a drop of blood circulating in my veins
or outside, a kiss that burns my face
or a belt of fire at my waist.
My sweet, accept
the great love that came out of my life
and that in you found no territory
like the explorer lost
in the isles of bread and honey.
I found you after
the storm,
the rain washed the air
and in the water
your sweet feet gleamed like fishes.

Adored one, I am off to my fighting...

Translation by Donald S. Walsh,
Pablo to Matilde, 1952


Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous poem. Thanks for sharing it.

woman wandering said...

A pleasure ... once found, I couldn't resist posting it.

neftali said...

Gracias y namaste for the red poppy link et al,
i hope you got the email the other week, if not, check out the new developments at http://www.redpoppy.net/pablo_neruda.php