Friday, January 19, 2007

The Essential Pablo Neruda

I've been searching for information about a book with the title The Essential Neruda - Selected Poems .

I found the site of the editor, Mark Eisner , and he writes of the journey that was his role in the book: Then, on one of my frequent visits to La Chascona, his house in Santiago, I met a young Chilean woman. She was working for Neruda’s Foundation while doing graduate work in feminist Latin American literature at the poet’s old school, the University of Chile.

She let me sit at Pablo’s desk, with his framed picture of Walt Whitman on it. She introduced me to her professors and members of the Foundation, and it was in these conservations there that the idea for this book was conceived: in honor of the centennial of Neruda’s birth in the year 2004, a new book of translations would be born as a fresh voice, involving an unprecedented collaboration with academics to better empower the translator-poets.

Red Poppy has a lovely write-up and a place to purchase the book here .

Mark also has a blog, In Search of Pablo Neruda .

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