Friday, January 05, 2007

A Day at our place ...

Yesterday Gert went to work for the first time since before Christmas ...

The re-election of his boss meant that the office is beginning its period of transformation ... he needed to be there. Then there was the meeting he had to attend last night.

He came in exhausted and this morning he woke in full fever.
Phoning in he found they were expecting his call ... he has slept the day away on the couch. This is an incredibly fierce flu, to the point where he's been grouchy but obedient about taking medication suggested by me.

So ... his illness led to my first real day out of the house. I walked to the Apoteek in 7 degrees celsius and it was okay but for my cough.
Then a light rain began to fall ... sigh, then came the wind.

The Apoteek found all I wanted for Gert, then we discussed my cough and laughing, he told me that yes, it would go away naturally if that's how I wanted to do it.

It was nice to catch up with the baker ...
Much to Gert's bemusement, I call her shop the German Bakery ... it's all about the fact that her shop looks like something you might see in the Black Forest and less about actuality.

Finally the supermarket, where I mortified myself by sounding like a disease-ridden creature. I'm sure I saw the staff wince ... I wanted to reassure them with the fact I was no longer contagious but who would have believed me.

Home again, I felt like I'd been out and hunted me down a dinosaur. In keeping with this incredible feat, I fell asleep not long after Gert and all was silent for a few afternoon hours at our place.


Manic said...

If I didn't know you guys were sick,I'd confuse you with old people who sleep all day too.

So your Dutch is coming along the Apoteek, now just the word for baker ay :P, just teasing. You know me! When I saw that wince thing, I first thought you wrote wine, and thought you were healed, but then I realised that c and now I wish you and Gert all the best in this battle against the Germans, umm germs.;)

woman wandering said...

Oh maybe we're confused and we're merely old people sleeping all day ;)

My Dutch is coming along. I have actually experienced an epiphany and realised that the Flemish are stunningly clever and generally speak 3 or 4 languages fluently, and that as luck would have it, English is one of them. The Apoteek and I spoke Engels ;)

Even the lovely baker ... we did the ordering in Dutch and then I asked if she had had a good Christmas, simple English - based on Dutch sentence structure really, and she answered me in the most stunningly fluent English.

Your people are good people, Meneer Manic. Lang leve de Vlamingen.