Friday, January 26, 2007

Antwerpen - Matadi - Buenos Aires, National Day of Poetry

My camera and I wandered along to the National Day of Poetry performance at ATLAS, here in Antwerpen.

According to the publicity material, the gathering was given the title Antwerpen - Matadi - Buenos Aires, in recognition of the history of trade between those 3 continents back in the 16th century.

Ships would sail to Matadi, in the Congo and take slaves to America where they were sold. The ships would then fill their holds with goods from the plantations ... destination Europe.

The poets names give you a taste of the multi-national flavour of the evening: Ivan Godfroid, Orlando Verde, Giuliana Chirinos, Antonio Caminos, Gerardo Salinas, Daniël Tuyizere, Jah Pablo Black and Wilfried Defillet

It was superb. Poems were read in Dutch, English, Spanish and French by the performing poets who easily held audience attention. Musical interludes by Ara Akopian on his violin and accordianist Bernard Van Lent were simply delicious and made me wish for that flash ... now.

Anyway, favourite photograph from the evening was this one ... the hands of a poet as he read.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the picture :-)

kind regards,

the poet that reads.

woman wandering said...

Dear poet that reads,

I can send you the original full resolution if these are your hands :)

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

well, i guess something went wrong again when posting...

i said i like your signature across the pic, so thanks, already :-)

and i said something else... eeuh... ah yep, that those were indeed my hands :-)

kind regards.


woman wandering said...

:) so, dear poet who reads ... you don't need a full resolution image of the photograph of your hands because you have the one with my signature across it?

okay ... i'm glad you found it because i love that photograph. i sent the cd full of photographs to either birgit or eva at the integration centre. i think there are others of you on that.

anyway, you can email me on my profile page here if you want to know any more.