Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Arroz con Pollo and viva Espana

I was just thinking, as I was stirring until the rice is semi-dry but some liquid remains ... that while I haven't learned to worship anything in particular, I could be convinced about becoming a fan of the Spanish way of life.

Tonight I am cooking Arroz con Pollo, otherwise known as Chicken and Rice however ... don't be misled by the English, we're really not talking ordinary chicken and rice.

We're talking 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a chopped onion with 4 tablespoons of chopped garlic and 6 of chopped parsely ... fried together in said oil once the chicken is done.

How civilised is that ... ?!
It smells stunning.

Unfortunately, due to ill health and beginner status, my arroz con pollo lacks piquillo peppers, smoked paprika and that pinch of saffron and yes, I did have to use red wine instead of the white ... but, it smells so good, I am hopeful that I will be forgiven by the gods of good food.

The worst of being ill was the 2pm craving for a Spanish lunch ... that meal that left me filled and content until breakfast the next day.

Tot ziens from the chef.


Manic said...

You changed from personal blog to a personal-news blog to a personal-news-photo blog to a personal-news-photo-cooking blog. All I'm wondering is how for heaven's sake do you keep pulling it off.

P.S.: English grammar is so boring, it's completely useless and yet harder than learning Dutch. Or so I presume, you could test that out for me :D your blog would become a personal-news-photo-cooking-learning blog :P

woman wandering said...

Dear Manic, you had us on the floor laughing as we read our way through this ... !!!

Our government loved us too much which is why they forbade learning grammar in schools for 25 years ... I don't know that I want to test the Dutch grammar thing. We're thinking of learning Spanish now ... will that do?

Study well and take care of yourself, you favourite you!