Saturday, January 13, 2007

In need of a wee smile ... ?

I was just listening to the JCB Song and thought I would repost it ... everyone needs a little music in their life and this song is lovely.

It takes me someplace back in my past ... nothing is clear, maybe it's simply the memory of hanging out with my Dad on his plastering/painting jobs, drinking black tea from the thermos flask and eating white bread cheese sandwiches for lunch ... sitting on big old tool boxes in unfinished houses talking about whatever it was that I talked with with my Dad before I was 10 years old.

The about is worth reading, there's more to this song than you might first imagine.

It begins: Being dyslexic in the early 80's (oh the irony - give people who can't spell a word that nobody can spell). Luke's school days weren't always easy. Indeed he was victimised at school, not just by the bullies but by the school itself - so when he sings of "all the bullies, the teachers and their pets ..." he knows what he's talking about and this very much comes from the heart.

There were school days when Luke's Dad decided he needed some 'compassionate leave' and would take him to work, where the 5 year old would ride proudly on the toolbox of the old JBC and cook up vivid imaginings ...


Pam said...

The JCB song fixes almost any bad day.

woman wandering said...

It does,doesn't it.

Did you pass this on to me in the first place?

I was trying to remember which blog it came from :)