Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Erasmus and Cafe Babel

'Erasmus is the symbol of what Europe does best. A Europe of facts, of results.'

I love finding new Cafe Babel articles in my inbox and one of the titles turned my head today.

Subject: Erasmus .

Wandering through the stunningly beautiful streets that wind round the university of Salamanca, I remember wishing my daughter had had the opportunity to have the experience of international study in a place like Spain.

Anyway, the Eramsmus Project turns 20 this year ... an interesting selection of articles here.


Manic said...

So little comments made on all your posts, I'm going to break the silence.

Erasms is kool and we in Belgium even have an internal Erasmus project so that Flemish and Walloons can travel to the other side of the language barrier- scary music sound track.

I wanna go to Spain, stupid way too cold Belgium.

Hasta luego, Di!

woman wandering said...

HOLA! Manic.

I was going to sms you at some point today, just to be sure you didn't have a bad case of Exam Blues.

Hope all is going well with them and yes, you should definately go to Spain :)

Blue skies today, more or less, but rumours of snow this week ...

Manic said...

It's cold outside :(

My last exam coming up, and it's Spanish! Then my blog will become active and I think even over active :D You'll have your reading when your friends are in the country :)

It isn't going to snow, it's Belgium, we only get rain here. Snow is too cool for us, that's only for Germany, France and sometimes the Netherlands. I wanna go sky of New Zealand mountains together with those cool parrots, I forgot the name again.

woman wandering said...

Last exam coming up ... good luck with it Manic, of course you have the added incentive of needing the language when you're studying in Spain ;)

The cool parrots are Keas and they are so you.

Peter said...

I met several Erasmus exchange students during the past 15 years, and while I admire the concept, it has unfortunately turned into a project for the happy few: predominantly students from privileged backgrounds.

I'm currently browsing http://swedishfish.wordpress.com, an American 22 yo who spends a year in Sweden:
"spending my senior year in Uppsala, Sweden as part of an exchange program between my university and Uppsala Universitet."

Her "things I miss most" list brought a weary smile to my face:

Some people are just not made to 'wander' :-)

woman wandering said...

Gert and I were on the train coming back from Spain and ended up chatting with two American Erasmus-type students. While the young woman was embracing all in terms of culture and experience, the young American guy was so unhappy with things like Spain's food (which stunned me) and the dirtiness of Italy.

You're right Peter, some people just shouldn't leave home ... although I guess it makes them certain about spending the rest of their lives 'at home' and one should be sure before commiting to that life.