Saturday, August 05, 2006

... umm can someone tell them i am not a terrorist. please.

writes zena in her latest post from beiruit .

i wonder how we will feel, those who have read her, who know she's no terrorist ... i wonder how we will feel if she's killed in these bombing raids?

anne frank died so many years ago and she's still mourned today; her hiding home is a shrine now, visited by millions.

does the world need another 'shrine' ... another 'anne frank'?

but perhaps we haven't evolved; perhaps we don't understand; perhaps we still haven't learned that maybe the power is in the hands of the people.

Did we who watch vote these people into power; did we give them the right to do what they are doing now?

why are a handful of people allowed to take these actions in our name ...?

zena writes, 'and the world watches on...'


chiefbiscuit said...

Some serious reading there ... it's all so familiar, that's what's so sad ... which never makes it right. Even if it has 'all happened before', this is not to minimise what is in the end, man's inhumanity to man. It's just we seem to have particularly weak and dumb leaders right now. Where are the 21st century Ghandis and Mother Theresas? The UN might as well all pack their bags and go back home - give someone else the chance to see if they can bring some peace. They couldn't do any worse anyway ... Now I'm depressed again!
(Glad you had a great day with the horses. Sounds so sweet.)

woman wandering said...

I read Zena's blog and then there's the women in Iraq and Palestine, and these days, I find myself holding my breath as I go in to read them.

This morning I saw Zena hadn't posted and knew Israel had intensified its bombing ... and suddenly you're that much more involved, you know an Anne Frank and still you can do nothing in the 21st century.