Friday, August 25, 2006

It depends whose 'spinning', oh I mean, 'writing' the story

Erkan's site offered up some interesting pieces today ...

Andrew Grice and Jonathan Brown at the Independent Online write: The positive impact of the influx of migrant workers from eastern Europe on the British economy has enabled Gordon Brown to hit his growth targets, according to a new study.

Roland Rudd, chairman of Business for New Europe, said the rewards could be felt across the economy. "As well as Polish plumbers and property investors, the UK economy benefits from Hungarians in hospitality, Estonian engineers, Czech caterers and Slovakian scientists. This is because of our open labour markets following the EU enlargement of 2004. We have reaped the reward of this approach. We should abandon it at our peril."

Whereas Melanie McDonagh wants to spin it another way ... Poles aplenty? Wait till the Turks arrive.

Well, it’s open season on Poles, by the look of things, what with half a million of them having had the bad taste to come here when the Government said that 13,000 at most would arrive. In fact, two years before Poland joined the EU, I rang the Home Office to check how many people ministers thought would be arriving from the new member states. They were expecting, said the press officer, 10,000 new arrivals. Even back then I could tell when I was being had.

If only these two arguments could be placed side-by-side instead of being something we need to hunt out.

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