Sunday, August 27, 2006

Silvana Gandolfi, Writer

You know the type of Sunday night that comes after a rainy, sunny, windy grey cloudy day ... yes really, all of those things.

The kind of Sunday night where you wonder what you did with the day and want to kick yourself a little for not achieving more?

It's been one of those Sundays, and I was just looking around in the kitchen from some little Nigella Lawson-type tidbit and finding nothing I wouldn't regret 5 minutes after eating it ... must go to the supermarket one day soon.

Anyway, I chose to webwander ... when all else fails etc and found this lovely interview with Silvana Gandolfi, an Italian author I've never heard of but want to read now.

See for yourself ... Silvana is one of Cafe Babel's July Bruch interviews

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