Thursday, August 31, 2006

Once upon a time ...

I was a wife and a mother, driving a station wagon with a golden labrador in the back and I looked out at my New Zealand world and thought 'This is my life'.

Ten years later I had a belated degree in literature and was living in Istanbul.

If there was one movie that inspired me, it would have to have been Shirley Valentine minus the Greek cafe owner.

I liked myself well enough without him ;)

Thanks Liz.


Peter said...

You know Di, Once upon a time I spent a very long period in Singapore, where my ex-partner worked as an expat on a long-running, major project involving Shangi Airport.

Australia was quite "close" (and so was New Zealand :-), but we never found the time to visit.

I spent dream-like endless summers in "Flamingo Valley", tampered like a king while frequently visiting nearby Malaysia (and almost drowning in the South China sea on a trip to Tioman Island).

My partner had a chance to stay, I could not. Gay rights do not exist in Singapore. In the end, we separated.

Many years later I still recall the smell of the orient, mixed with vivid "This could have been my life" memories.

Take care ;-)

Mathieu said...

So what happened?


Belle said...

Neat how things change unexpectedly in life!

Once again, beautiful photots.!

woman wandering said...

Hi Peter, I loved your description of 'dream-like endless summers' ... oh for more of those :) Sorry you missed NZ but maybe one day, on one of your marvellous diving adventures.

Well Mathieu, so many things 'happened' that I ended up in Istanbul and then here in Belgie. The dog died aged 16, my daughter grew up fierce and independent, and my marriage ... well, it ended too.

Thanks Belle, I made myself quite homesick posting the harbour shots. I do like the way a life can be full of lives ... :)