Saturday, August 26, 2006

About living and learning

I learnt the perils of sms-ing while walking along Istanbul streets after I walked into the broken-off concrete post on the footpath.

Iain, a Scottish colleage, had had a similar learning experience with phones and extraordinarily low street signs. The cut on his head healed although he was mortified.

So we live, we learn and we get older.

Saturday night and I was out on the balcony here, watching the firework display put on by the city for the Tall Ships. It was dark but I was home and so I strode out along the balcony, without the glasses I so rarely wear but that do help in the dark, thinking 'Is there anything out here that I need to avoid?'

I had just reassured myself there was nothing when I walked into the concrete post-thing that sticks up on our balcony.

Coincidently, it seems to be the same height as the Istanbul post and so it was that I walked into it at a fast walking pace, just like in Istanbul, and I fell.

The crush injury is in the same place, over the scar tissue from last time and these last few days have been about watching a deep bruise spread down the front of my leg ... knee to ankle, just like it did back in Istanbul.

Some people live and they learn, others just damage old scar tissue ...


Manic said...

I can't stop laughing by your accident. It's just too funny. We have this saying in Dutch and I quote: Een ezel stoot zich geen twee keer aan de zelfde steen. A donkey doesn't bump twice at the same rock. so, sorry but i'm still laughing

woman wandering said...

I have to admit, you made me laugh with your comment ... I guess, on the bright side, I'm not a donkey however perhaps I shouldn't have shared that particular story ... where's your sympathy???

paris parfait said...

So sorry to hear of your accident. It's bizarre that it happened twice in the same part of your leg. I would be the same without eyeglasses in the dark (I'm nearsighted and wear glasses to see far away, not to read).

woman wandering said...

Thank you paris parfait.

And as for you manic ... yes, Gert did explain that that quote makes me sillier than a donkey.

Manic said...

I hope your leg heals fast. It's not nice to travel on Belgium's cobblestones with a painful leg. You must admit that that saying is so good. And your prolly not sillier then a donkey, it wasn't the same little thin you bumped into, so technically you aren't as dumb as the donkey.

woman wandering said...

LOL, manic!!

Thanks for the technical judgement re: not being quite as dumb as a donkey, since the object of my clumsiness was in a different country and etc.

It's turned out the leg isn't as bad as the first time, there are just patches of blue/black up and down the front of the leg, unlike last time when it was so bruised it was shocking.