Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

The Iraq Press Monitor comes to my inbox weekly, I'm not sure I've written about as one of my sources but today it had news that surprised me.

(Al-Taakhi) Deputy Justice Minister Yusho Ibrahim has announced that
the Abu Ghraib jail had no more inmates as of August 15. The facility is
now completely controlled by the Iraqi authorities, who have yet to
decide what to do with it, he said. The United States military says it is
transferring 3,000 detainees to other American-run prisons.
(Al-Taakhi is issued daily by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.)

IWPR's Iraqi Press Monitor is a daily survey of the main stories in Iraq's newspapers. It features the top stories of the day, along with a political cartoon.

Although I receive news about Iraq, the source of the Iraqi Press Monitor is actually The Institute for War and Peace Reporting

The Institute's stated mission is to build peace and democracy through free and fair media

They establish sustainable networks and institutions, develop skills and professionalism, provide reliable reporting and build dialogue and debate.

They work in Afghanistan, Caucasus, Central Asia, The Hague, Iraq, Southeastern Europe, Uganda, Southern Africa, Zimbabwe.

An interesting wander if you're curious and have time.

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