Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Creative Kiwis ...

Manic a fellow Belgian blogger, left a note in my comments box with a link to this story out of New Zealand which reminded me of New Zealand story that Spanish-based Sal directed me to a while ago ... the one about the armless driver NZ police caught speeding.

Manic's find went like this :NZ warning over hearse tax dodge

Transport authorities in New Zealand have vowed to crack down on motorists who dodge taxes by registering their vehicles as hearses.

The scam emerged after a woman told a radio station that the manoeuvre saved her and her friends around NZ$125 ($77, £41) each.

Her car qualified, she said, because she used it to carry frozen chickens home from the supermarket.

As word spread, 40 people applied to reregister cars, a local website said.

Currently around 1,500 vehicles are registered in the low-charge "non-commercial hearse or ambulance" category, transport officials said.

Land Transport New Zealand has written to 937 possible scammers warning them to register correctly.

"Carrying groceries or dead animals in your car does not make it a hearse," spokesman Andy Knackstedt said.

He said offenders could be liable to a NZ$1,000 ($629, £330) fine.


Belle said...

Hi Wandering...

Some people get really creative. How funny!

I like the "street scenes", it looks like a colorful, culture filled part of the world.

Manic said...

Their is potentiel in this Kiwi's to become Belgians. If they dodge taxes like that, they'll sure be great to dodge those high Belgian tax levels.

PS: Wandering Woman, if you found a great hoax, email me with how to do it. Saves me a few euros.