Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Entire Day!

writes this princess from the South Pacific ... I've spent the entire day working and it felt good.

The second photography session at Pony Camp went well yesterday; the rain was intermittent, the children cooperated and did all kinds of delightful things ... from kangaroo ball races to just hanging out and being kids.

I'm rapt with the results and so working all day was no problem really. Gert has become my assistant who makes sense the mess and generally saves the day.

I'm still working on the copyright mark for my photographs ... a little more patience and I'll post them. I had over 300 images to work through and we have a party in Brussels tonight.

Ahhh, the stresses and strains ... summer's okay, it can stay.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Your like really enjoying this poney camp. Are you secretly wanting to go on pony camp?

Party in Brussels, sounds fancy! Is it at the Kiwi embassy?

I'm dying to see your pictures.

woman wandering said...

Ahhh well manic, I used to ride horses, my daughter had her own horse ... I just enjoy the whole horse thing.

Party in Brussels ... nope, it was 5 Americans, 2 Belgians, 2 NZers and a German ... friends :) We know some lovely people.

My pictures, as soon as I can work out how to put a copyright signature on them, I'll post them :)

Manic said...

Ohh, do you have Photoshop?
If you do, just click on the thing to type, and just write write your blogadress or something upon it and your good to go.
If you don't, use paint, you can do that with that too, but it's harder to work with if you have big pictures, coz you can't really zoom out, or I haven't found it yet :D.

woman wandering said...

Thanks manic, Gert's been working on it but needs more time ... meawhile I'm thinking of how to display my photography on my own website perhaps.

So in a way, delay is a good thing :)