Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just some poems I love ...

Obviously I read the news of the world ...

Reading world events, of leaders, seeing the spin ... or not seeing it, taking sides while trying not to take sides is a difficult thing; not reading is worse.

And so it is that I slip into reading, writing, photography, film or music, occasionally taking a red wine cure, so-named by me back in those Istanbul days when my average student roll was 165, with 24 teaching hours in front of 8 classes per week.

One of my passions is poetry but often those poems are pages long. Erica Jong and Anne Michaels don't confine themselves to a polite page or two but I wanted to take note of the poems I love someplace in this electronic journal where I make notes for myself and so I've created another blog, simply titled Poems I Love .

It's there if you enjoy poetry, to be ignored if not.

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