Monday, August 07, 2006

Another meme

I discovered this meme while wandering through paris parfait's blog and she ended it with the words:
Now, what about you??
So okay ...

10 Favourites
Favourite season: spring
Favourite colour: pale gold through the range to terracotta
Favourite time: early morning or late in the night; alone times.
Favourite food: carbonara, maatjes (raw herring)
Favourite drink: red wine
Favourite ice cream: peach
Favourite place: (lets make that places): Istanbul, Rome and Central Otago.
Favourite sport: cycling
Favourite actor: Ralph Fiennes
Favourite actress: Judi Dench

9 Currents
Current feeling: relaxed
Current drink: water
Current time: 11.28pm.
Current show on TV: it's off.
Current mobile used: Nokia
Current windows open: Bedroom window, the wind is up so the lounge window is closed.
Current underwear: New Zealanders don't talk of their underwear lol.
Current clothes: a skirt and singlet top
Current thought: I like Neil Young's 'Helpless' ... playing at the moment.

8 Firsts
First nickname: Annie
First kiss: Richard
First crush: Malcolm
First best friend(s): maybe Jan, first 'important and lasting' best friends were Fiona and Liz.
First vehicle I drove: my parents' Holden Kingswood column change ... oh oh oh.
First job: babysitting, raspberry picking.
First date: maybe dinner with Paul ... was that a date?
First pet: a Golden Labrador called ... Goldie (it took weeks to come up with that name when I was 9 years old)

7 Lasts
Last drink: water
Last kiss: Gert
Last meal: dinner - salmon lasagne.
Last web site visited: Paris Parfait
Last film watched: The Constant Gardener
Last phone call: Gert
Last TV show watched: Silent Witness

6 Have you evers
Have you ever broken the law: Well yes, but I didn't mean to ... I was driving a really fast rental car and relaxed into it and a policeman talked with me about it as he wrote out the fine.
Have you ever been drunk: Yes, but not until I was in my 30's.
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know: Yes, the Turks and the Belgians all exchange kisses that stunned this hand-shaking New Zealander.
Have you ever been in the middle/close to gunfire: No
Have you ever skinny dipped: No
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: I don't think so.

5 Things
Things you can hear right now: The computer, Neil Young, the keyboard clicking as I type, the wind outside, the music just changed to Pavarotti ...
Things on your bed: A pale purple sheet, 2 pillows, my trousers from today and a book.
Things you ate today: 2 slices of toast, a cheese and ham omelette, salmon lasagne, a very small packet of M&Ms
Things you wouldn't want to live without: laptop, internet, digital camera, books, cds.
Things you do when you are bored: Well oddly enough, if I get bored I am filled with mischief and like to seek out company however, I'm rarely bored.

4 Places you have been today
Antwerp city centre
2 trams
The supermarket

3 Things on your desk right now
A small collection of stones and shells
Papers papers and more papers.

2 Choices
Black or white: black
Hot or cold: I prefer cool weather in summer and hot weather in winter ... it could be said I'm a contrary creature.

1 Place you want to visit
New Zealand ... I want to go home, it's been far too long.

Now, what about you??


paris parfait said...

I'm glad you did this meme; fun getting to read more about you!

woman wandering said...

Blogging is odd in that it can change shape as time passes ...

I began blogging for family and friends, then realising that people didn't have time or that I had become too 'removed' from my more intimate emails home, the blog reshaped itself as my electronic journal ... a place to note things, to think, to store things like photos, ideas and authors.

Slowly I became aware of an audience and was more uncertain of what level of intimacy I wanted to write at ...

Lately friends have mentioned that I don't reveal that much of who I actually am and so the 'meme' seemed like an idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Well Missus, it took me quite some time to find this blog (only a couple of days old) as you have been busy busy busy posting here!

I'm very pleased to see you writing about yourself here, I am lucky enough to know you in person, and maybe things like this will give others a little glimpse of how bright and funny you are : )