Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exhibition stuff and Press kits

I phoned New Zealand this morning, I was in need of a Pippa-fix...

Pippa was one of my very best friends when I flew away 5 years ago and even now, just hearing her voice on the phone fills me with smiles. She's one of those wild women who want to do it all ... she's a doctor, a clinical psychologist to be more precise but she meditates and drinks red wine, loves empty New Zealand beaches. She writes and has this distinctive laugh that makes others laugh with her simply because.

Last but not least, she's raising her daughter in their house by the sea. Her daughter who was just a small baby last time I saw them.

Reading the blog world and feeling a little bit lost, I realised how creatively lonely I'm feeling. There's no one around me doing what I'm trying to do at the moment ... no one to stay up late brainstorming and laughing with while sharing a bottle of red.

And I'm in need of laughter as I put together everything required for the exhibition. There's the press kit, the titles, the prices and information for the insurance people.

It was a huge struggle to locate/create/appreciate that photograph of me.
I asked Hugo if I might have Sandra Bullock stand in for me.
He didn't get back to me ...

It's bucketing down here ... storms off and on all day long.

My baby's birthday today.
Dinner tonight, a surprise that can't be written of here.

Tot straks.


Manictastic said...

Who wouldn't want brainstorming sessions on an empty beach with lots of red wine? Problem is finding an empty beach in Belgium. Oh and a not raining day. That's always a problem too.

Give my congrats to the birthday girl. I think I might go out now and grab myself an ice cream, now that it isn't raining. Yet.

Di Mackey said...

Jessie said 'thank you', Manic.

Imagine finding an empty beach here where one doesn't DROWN in raindrops at the moment.

Enjoy your ice cream :)

In a scientific experiment recently undertaken in the city recently, Jessie and I learned that one scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherry ice cream is ample ... 2 scoops is a little too much.

Just in case you needed to know ...

furiousBall said...

she also has pretty blue eyes

V-Grrrl said...

Sigh. I'm too faraway. Much too faraway.

Di Mackey said...

That was very kind, Van. Thanks :)

And Ms V yes, I thinking of you and how you're so very far away at the moment.

Mark J said...

A lovely photo of you Di.
Just struck me how much you look like Lucy Lawless;

And no, I'm not taking the piss

Di Mackey said...

Oh Mark, I spluttered with laughter when I read your last sentence.

Thank you darling, I will put the photograph somewhere (like the fridge) and aspire to be a better self.

Someone told me about the Lucy likeness years ago, I feared it was so in the past. You made my day, she writes, trying to graciously accept your words.

Christine and Ash said...

What is the surprise??
Love the photo. Really miss you.

Di Mackey said...

I miss you guys too and we're so looking forward to you getting here!

The surprise ... it might sound silly but the European pizzas have this thin crust thing going on and Jessie loved pizza back home in NZ so ... we took her to Pizza Hut.

She was so cute, blissing out on her BBQ chicken pizza. It seemed so little but she was so very happy with it.