Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A little about summer and my world.

a lovely flemish man i know, originally uploaded by - di.

Summer continues here (something not to be taken forgranted in the flatlands of Belgium). Autumn visits occasionally but only reminds me of erratic summers in hometown Dunedin. Meanwhile I walk this odd path between holiday and work, with one merging into the other quite without me intending it.

August is the month I work towards a 1 September blog launch, as well as my 3rd newsletter, both for the office. It's the month I select, enlarge, frame and work out description masterpieces and prices for my exhibition opening 5 September in the city. It's the month where I'm taking photography bookings, marketing my work, doing publicity shots for a city alderman and parliamentarian, and setting up a wifi modem for the apartment so I can work between the desk I have set up in the bedroom and here in the lounge. School vacations inspire this action.

Another project has been resurrected. Just before events began unfolding on K2, I had made the acquaintance of a British rock climber and asked if he might consider being a part of my climbing book. It's the manuscript I've mentioned occasionally here, the one that was about New Zealand climbers ... the one that could surely be finished with interviews from an international selection of climbers.

He kindly agreed.
I said thank you.
So let's see where that heads in the months ahead.
It's definitely an unfinished thread in this patchwork life of mine.

Everything seems to be fitting itself into the groove of photography and communication, which is as it should be when you realise the official name of my business is Di Mackey Word & Image.

It's taken some time and hopefully, one day, I'll make some money as a result. If not, I'm having fun anyway.

Oh, and in news that falls into the category of slightly wicked and irresponsible: I was offered a stunning and rather sexy 70-200 f4 L-series Canon lens for a price I can afford if I'm slightly irresponsible with my outgoing expenses.

I played with it at a family birthday party on Sunday and the photograph here is the result of discrete photo-stalking during party conversations ...

Tot straks from the kiwi living in Belgie


Kay said...

A patchwork life has the potential to turn our something quite beautiful and unique! Enjoy the moments - as I know you do.

Di Mackey said...

Thank you Kay :)

furiousBall said...

be irresponsible, do it

Manictastic said...

I liked the patchwork description. You know, some people like plant-produced blankets, some people prefer home-made, patched up blankets. You need to decide which person you are, but I think you've already made your choice. Now, stop being jealous of those nicely looking, but plain-old boring blankies. You're the one little children will remember when they grow up.

I'm so good in talking with riddles and metaphors. I really should consider a carreer in fortune cookies. :D

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Van, although I'm in a wee bit of trouble for it.

And Manic, you made me smile. Dank u wel! I guess I've come this far not being responsible, in an odd way, so I may as well continue. I do appreciate your encouragement in this odd way of living.

Now to see what you choose as the patchwork for your life. I know you'll do good :)