Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little news ...

So it seems that my achilles tendon is still too hard and swollen to do any specific physio exercises outside of appointment times.

It seems that the reason for this ongoing problem might partially be about the fact that this kiwi creature forgets to constantly ice the offended tendon.

It seems that my excuse that I don't seem able to locate myself well in time or space is all very interesting but leaves my ongoing chronic tendinitis as my own fault ... not that my physio said that however constant icing would help it A LOT.

I worked yesterday. Just heading into the office creates a small bubble of joy that pops and sparkles as soon as I arrive.

The bad news is that I have far more work than I have hours and I brought a stack of it home to complete in the days ahead.

I'm off to drop off the last of my exhibition press kit stuff in a moment, then on to meet Peter for coffee. We have much to catch up on.

So much to do ... so very much to do in the days ahead.
Maybe I'll make that coffee with Peter a nice big glass of red wine.


Mark J said...

Hiya Di.
Looking forward to a chat on skype soon. My folks and I would like to chat about what you think would be good ideas for a europe visit next year. Dont worry we wont turn up on your doorstep - we just appreciate your advice tis all :)
How are you for time this week ?- before Sunday preferably

furiousBall said...

Give Peter a hug from me please, take care of that achillies. have you had a chance to go to phys therapy? i was thinking of my Belgie buddies this weekend whilst watching In Bruges (which was a really decent film)

Peter said...

Thanks for the most enjoyable afternoon Di!

Wasn't it fun today, people-watching in downtown Antwerp while catching up on the latest news? You made a wise decision to go for the red wine ;-)

Don't forget the ice!

[Thanks for the hug Van, I was slightly, but pleasantly surprised. I must watch 'In Bruges' asap, as that towns was the setting for so many childhood memories of mine]

Di Mackey said...

Hey there Mark ...but can we chat on skype after what you did????

Lol, okay that aside, I'll try and get on skype my Thursday morning.

Oh, I didn't find this in time Van but Peter would have loved it. :) Yes, physio today and he threatened to sms or email me every couple of hours with the words 'ICE'.

Note to self: must view 'Bruges'.

Oh Peter, it was a pleasure. I went home and slept an hour or two and have been working ever since. It's almost midnight now.

The ice I managed once. I strap it onto my ankle and then go on with life, I'm not sure that's what he meant either.

It was fun today, I think we should make that a weekly meeting place, if not then fortnightly for sure. xo

Niamh said...

Thought the Kiwi cure for tendonitis was to run a couple of marathons on it?

Jay said...

I love when coffee turns into wine!

V-Grrrl said...

I have In Bruges on my desk, waiting to be viewed.

And I'm hugging Peter as well.

But wait, this is Di's blog, so I'm sitting next to her on a park bench somewhere leaning on her shoulder and telling her how very silly she is not to ice that cranky tendon.

It is nice to believe in magic...

Di Mackey said...

Niamh, you a such a New Zealander! you even know all the local remedies.

Jay, it's magical isn't it Jay. It felt like it was far better for me too.

Wish you were here, V. Peter and I were plotting it yesterday. You would have been delighted.