Thursday, August 21, 2008

I almost photographed my desk ...

An angel, Rome, originally uploaded by - di.

but I was too ashamed.

I've been working solidly since 8am and it's after 3pm now which explains why I'm still in pyjama pants and looking a disheveled mess.

However in that time I've picked up a delicious photo-shoot and made plans to travel to Italy in October for my birthday.

But my desk is a multi-layered mess of books and papers and glasses and more papers. It's horrendous, the worst it has ever been. I'll stop soon and clean.

But even better, lots of lovely people have said they will come to the art exhibition reception and in phoning a friend about his presence, I may have had the good luck to end up playing host to a New Zealand piper in September.
I hope so.

Gert has had to play P.A. at various points through the day, advising me on this thing and that, or being advised about trips to Italy and the possibility of the piper coming to stay.

It's rarely dull at his place but he's still laughing more than he cries.


furiousBall said...

been there amiga, get some time for yourself pronto, wine, nice bath, all that good stuff

Di Mackey said...

So ummm, I told Gert that Van said I had to have wine.

Sahara's hogging the bath meanwhile.

Manictastic said...

Well Gert might just cry if he sees you still in ur jammies at 5 pm. Cry of laugher that is:d

Oh, Di, your life sounds so thrilling. Must be hard for you to keep handling all the excitement.

Have a nice glass of wine on the balcony at sunset. :D

gary rith said...

that is a heck of a statue, isn't it?

Di Mackey said...

He was okay with the pyjamas and I did finally shower just before 7pm ...

Will follow-up and do wine and sunset on the balcony :)

Bernini was good, wasn't he Gary :)
I love Roman sculpture although there is some beautiful stuff throughout Belgium and we have the famous Middelheim outdoor sculpture museum here. I can never resist photographing them.

Simon said...

You were in your pyjamas when I called you?
OK, from now on whenever I call I'm going to start with "Hi Di. So...what are you wearing?"

Di Mackey said...

Simon, you would have died laughing over my gasp when I read your threat.

I'm a NZer, we don't ask questions like that over the phone ... a very polite people. (Niamh and Mark and any other kiwi readers, sssh!)