Saturday, August 09, 2008

Re: the 'Help!' post

Thanks for the kind things said in response to my 'Help' post.

I took it down simply because I didn't explain myself well and I was a little uncomfortable reading nice things about me. You see, I had been at the tearing-my-hair-out stage when I wrote and nobody should write 'help' posts from that point.

I was trying to find a way to sum up what I do in life, as I'm working on redesigning my blog so that I can do much more on it. A new name didn't seem like a bad idea but I didn't know how to sum up all that I do. The photography, the interviews and the wandering.

I did think about the idea of renaming the blog the Griot.

Yesterday, while reading my big 3.5kg Magnum book, Guy Le Querrec explained that his friends called him the griot, comparing him to the traditional African poet-musician who tells the people's story, and who also incorporates social criticism and humour in his songs, or in his case, his photography.

Anyway, my hair is intact, Mark is skiing in Queenstown, New Zealand and thanks Julie . Your comments were much appreciated and I'm still smiling over the 'Everything' song.


kompoStella said...

'the griot' is a great idea, good connotations and a sufficiently unknown phrase to make people curious!
personally, however, i think i will stick with 'woman wandering' for your blog, as it was the Wanderlust in its name that initially drew me here ;-)

Peter said...

I'd use a name that is very clear, not too convoluted or complex, and most of all, a name that transcends English/Dutch/etc cultural/language barriers.

Trust me, uncommon words in English don't really sell online.

If you feel like brainstorming together, just let me know ;-)

Manictastic said...

Oh, goody, I go to work for just a day and you have a mental crisis I falter to comment on :( Good to see everything is back okay-ish in your world.

Maybe changing blogs could be a good thing, starting with a clean sheat and all. Your lovely readers will follow you anywhere (well not to north pole though, we're not that mad yet -I hope).

Di Mackey said...

Thank you kompostella :)

If I do, it's clear we must brainstorm, Peter. We're well and truly overdue for a catch-up, aren't we.

Lol, dank u wel Manic. Who needs the North Pole when they have the possibility of one of those really cold Antwerpen winters ;)