Thursday, August 14, 2008

Further Thoughts On Needing Money and a Room of One's Own ...

I've had some lovely emails recently, so I guess it's time to explain that it's not so much that I've been homesick - it's more about wanting to work, to create, to write and to think and just not finding the quiet spaces for it. And in desiring quiet spaces, dreaming of back home in New Zealand where I used to love those mornings when I was in the right place and could take my coffee outside and into the air that was so good I could almost die of it now.

Summer vacation in Europe is endless, our apartment is full of people - often the most amusing people in the world but spaces are few and far between.

And then I messed up on my tax payment, providing me with yet another financial challenge; an ever-present challenge during my 3 years in Belgium. So I'm thinking, that in order to put a positive spin on it all, I might just have to learn to view these years as the sorbet years ... the years when I cleansed my 'spending palate' and learned the fine art of appreciating any income I might happen upon.

But I have traveled and while much was either paid for as part of a photography gig or gifted by friends (as in the house in France), I do need to get serious about wifi here in the apartment and paying for the lens I recently fell in truly, madly, deeply in love with so I can get it onto my camera and working.

I have a summer outfit I've worn almost all summer, so I must do something about professionalising my 'look' (Shannon come back and help me) and while I've read some very good secondhand books, I really need to visit my first Belgian hairdresser one day soon and restore my hair to its Istanbul glory. I haven't been to a professional hairdresser since leaving Turkey ... gah!

Meanwhile ... I'm off to photograph a Flemish parliamentarian and city Alderman this afternoon. He needs his publicity portfolio filled.

Wish me luck :)


gary rith said...

(aside from what you say, I love this ceramics studio photo!)

Di Mackey said...

The ceramics studio was a honey. It was in France, in a small town called Meyssac and the potter was telling us that potting goes back 200 years there.

She runs courses from there and although I've never in my life potted, I was so tempted to go there and try it ... as much for the surrounds as the potting.

V-Grrrl said...

I would hate professionalizing my look. I'd prefer to con everyone into thinking I'm smarter than the clothes I wear. : ) I do like a challenge.

I rather like the idea of having a personal "uniform." I sometimes fantasize about having drawers full of nothing but black tee shirts and cargo pants.

This is why lesbians love me.

And I'm ready for summer holidays to be over. I'm desperate for a day that does not revolve around cleaning the kitchen endlessly and ensuring that my children and their friends are entertained.

Everyone, please go away.

Except you, luv. Except you.

Di Mackey said...

'Smarter than the clothes I wear' ... please God, let them think that about me.

So you know what I mean about holiday time. Let's one of us get fabulously wealthy and have this place somewhere in Italy where we just go to write and create when the need is upon one.

Manictastic said...

Luckily I have enough places to be on my own, but I'm in need of some places with people. Life is all about balance, ay?
We should swap roles on of these days, just for a couple of hours.

I do like the idea, though, that one of you two get very rich with a house in Tuscany. I'll drop by unannounced, just for the fun of it then :D

Oh and V, you cracked me up with this line This is why lesbians love me.

Di Mackey said...

Oh, you'll be an invited guest but sure, call by in Italy any old time :)

Hmmm, the swap sounds like a plan, Manic. I could perhaps do some of your English classes? Although I should warn you that native English speakers often suck at the theory of grammar ...

Mlle said...

Miss Di, come to the states and I'll send you home with a case full of new clothes- I promise!

Di Mackey said...

We would have such fun, wouldn't we!!! :)

I caught up on Ruth at work today. Loved the photographs I saw of your world xx