Saturday, August 23, 2008

A journey

thiepval memorial, france, originally uploaded by - di.

A year ago, I promised the loveliest New Zealand man that I would get to France and photograph the grave of his uncle lost in WW1.

I'm finally doing it tomorrow. So much has happened since the promise was made and it feels so good to be finally making the journey - hoping to recreate all in a photographic essay.

The route will be scenic, many French villages to see along the way, and we're heading home via Ieper (Ypres in French).

We're stopping there to catch up with and photograph a Flanders Fields friend with his family.

Here's to a good day ... for all of us.


Inge De Leeuw said...

Wonderful that you're keeping your promise to the New Zealand man, Di :-). Wave hi to my hometown Ieper for me, especially since one of my closest friends is getting married nearby today!

kompoStella said...

too a good day, indeed. i'm looking forward to (or rather hoping that you will post) some pictures from there... i'm becoming a fan of the Di Mackey view of the world...

furiousBall said...

is that a new sig at the bottom of that shot? or am i just slow to notice?

Di Mackey said...

But Inge, so many things stopped me doing it until now. I was feeling quite stink about it. It feels good to finally have all the photographs now.

I had to smile when I read of the wedding. We passed two, imagine if either one was 'your' one :)

Thank you kompostella. I posted before heading out today :)

The signature, I'm messing around with them ... matching a colour and all that. You're not slow, never ;)