Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Brown Envelope ...

I had a big brown envelope arrive in my mail today and opened it, curious.

It was the advertising for Borgerhart 2008 ... there was a couple of posters, some fliers and a letter explaining all. My name was there on that poster too, with directions to the exhibition you see advertised here.

A nice surprise ...


furiousBall said...

congrats! you rule

Manictastic said...

In two years time your name will be the biggest on the posters and fliers. :D You won't remember us little people anymore. Nope, you'll be living in a big fancy house near Dunedin while we're wallowing in the filthy rain remembering Di, the one who was bound to make it big. :D

Di Mackey said...

You rule, Van - leaving comments that make me smile :)

Manic, if I live in Dunedin, I still live in the filthy rain ... Antwerpen and Dunedin could be sister cities when it comes to the weather.

I never forget people, Manic ... probably sometimes they wish I would :)

Anyway, I wouldn't go back to Dunedin. Haven't you heard the latest ... Belgie has grown on me and I'll apply for citizenship.

How's that?!

Peter said...

We are so proud Di! I'm so pleased knowing your big day is coming closer: I'm really excited watching it all unfold.

I'm convinced
you will shine like a blazing star on Sept 5.

And I'll be there, taking pictures of you and your stunning work!

As for applying for Belgian citizenship: I'm even prouder, knowing that eventually it would happen.

Warm hugs, see you soon

Manictastic said...

I wonder how you should call a Belgian with New Zealand roots. Beki? Bewi? Kilgian? Kiwilgian?
You should become an Italian, it' much easier naming you then. An Itawian :D
Oh and if you're going to become a Belgian, I have to point out to you that the exit doors are at the left and right of the fuselage. If the air pressure drops, rain will fall from the sky. Life jackets are underneath your seat. We wish you a happy stay on board.

RD said...

And as she climbs to Fame and Fortune, Di will be drinking her lovely red wine--right out of the box! ;-)

Seriously, it's fun to watch you gain renown. You are a gifted photographer and soon everyone will know that.

"I knew her when..."

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Peter but we need to cut some kind of deal on photographing me. My preference is that you pick up my likeness to Sandra Bullock ... okay? Nothing else will do ;)

Let's see if I'm allowed in on the citizenship deal. I can start applying 3 years after officially arriving but I shouldn't expect it as a given until after 5 years.

Then ... oh lord, what will I do when I have permission to vote?????

Manic ... I don't know but thanks for the other advice. Hmmm and I'll be telling Gert you suggested it best I go for Italian citizenship. You'll be popular ;)

Oh RD, you're never going to forget this, are you :) Next time you're over, you will have to come try this Gato Negro cabernet sauvignon out on our balcony. I laughed out loud when I read your comment :)

paris parfait said...

Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing the exhibit - and you! xo

Di Mackey said...

It will be lovely to catch up, Tara!