Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today ...

Today was about running late while trying to do 'just one more thing', missing trains then catching the slowest train in world, missing buses, being ripped off by a taxi driver, getting lost in Brussels, having my achilles tendon swell up hugely on the day before my last session of physio tomorrow ... but the photo shoot was a pleasure and I'm pleased with the results.

v-grrrl caught me at the end of that long day and made me smile long before the Australian red wine and Gert's sprained finger story made me laugh.

Today it was also about ice on my achilles, about pretty flower moisturiser on my grouchy feet, about looking up information for my time in Italy in October ... about relaxing, slowly but surely.

It was about so much that it is too much to tell.

I hope your day was a good one.

Oh, and Martin didn't phone me while I was wandering today however I phoned him ... promising I wouldn't blog about talking to Martin as I traveled, then laughing and saying that perhaps I would write this.

Thank you Martin, for answering the phone even when you can see it is me :)


Lydia said...

Whew! Your day sounded like a scene in a movie. I'm glad the photo shoot went well and hope your tendon heals (ouch).

Raf said...

How on earth can you get lost in Brussels ???

gary rith said...

Grouchy feet! There's a funny expression!
Thanks for all the nice comments at potsblog, too.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Lydia :) If it was a movie, then it was surely a 'Ms' Bean movie. Sometimes it felt all very Rowan Atkinson out there yesterday.

Raf, I just can. Rome is about the only place in the world that is good to me and even then, only in the area I fell in love with. I have no internal compass ... nothing. I used to use hills and coastlines, lakes and other naturally occuring features but it was an urban desert out where I was.

Your blog is a mouth-watering delight for me. I miss being able to buy pottery here in Belgium. I just haven't found potters yet and I do love your work.

As for the feet ... they simply felt so so very annoyed with me. Grouchy captured it some.

Mark J said...

The trick Martin, is to have more on Di than she has on you - that way she's to scared to blog about you, less you "release the hounds" so to speak.
Works for me :)

Di Mackey said...

I'm counting on Martin not reading the comments, Mark J - you big stirrer.

I have led a pure life, there are only the photographs Mark, and you've already used up your 'hounds' - remember that last photograph you posted of me ... monster.

Manictastic said...

You have too much stuff going on. I like that in a blogger. Brussels is big. I wouldn't find my way in it as well. (of course I'd bring a map ;) )

furiousBall said...

grouchy is the best adjective ever to describe end of the day tootsies

odessa said...

ha, this day could very well happen to me too. i'm prone to accidents and getting lost. no topographical orientation whatsoever -- though i think i might be getting better. glad everything turned out well though. =)

Anil P said...

At the end of a hard day it's surprising how easy it is to smile because 'it is over at last' :)

Peter said...

I was really glad we sat down and had a nice relaxed chat near the Antwerp Hilton Di ;-)

Do take care of your Achilles tendon.

And obviously, thanks again for the invitation!

Kay said...

You are a very busy wandering woman Di! Rest that achilles now you hear?

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Manic, I'm glad you approve :) You did make me laugh with this comment.

It is, isn't it Van. They were just creaky and cross with me.

I think I'm getting worse, Odessa. I miss the hills and mountains and pther unmissable geographical landmarks from back home in NZ.

Exactly, Anil :)

At the end of a hard day it's

That was lovely, Peter. Thanks for spending some time. It was like a lovely oasis in the middle of the madness for me.

And the invitation ... you were always getting one, and I'm delighted that you could come.

I hear you, Kay but remembering it is the biggest problem. I was I could just wear a ice pack holder that I constantly refill. Apparently ice would work a lot of magic if I could just remember it.

Need a PA ... sigh.