Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shannon's Going Away Party and other things

Blogging in Brussels, pre-party at Michelle and Shannon's place and I checked out my blog on Shannon's computer and realised that setting my screen to best view how photographs will look when printed might not have been the best idea.

You see, I have my screen set at something different to what I would use if I was simply working with text and tonight I discovered that my photographs look so very different on the text setting ... sigh.

I'm sorry. I may have to rethink how I prepare my photos for Flickr and blogging.

But back to the party about to begin.
Happy summer to those in the Northern Hemisphere ...

Tot straks.


Manic said...

Always partying ay, this indeed a beautiful day today, but way too hot if you ask me.
Your pictures look fine too me, ofcourse I have no idea how they look on your screen, maybe you have unicorn vision or something, dunno.

womanwandering said...

Always partying ... I wish ;)

Belgie, land of extremes. Suddenly we have summer again :)

Thanks for the feedback Manic, much appreciated.

Peter said...

Like Manic mentioned, your photographs just look perfect Di.

You also chose a centered template that looks great on any screen size, especially smaller 15" laptops, unlike the
"at least 17 inch or it will break up the lay-out" template I'm using.

womanwandering said...

Dank u wel, Peter. I absolutely panicked when I first saw my images on Shannon's screen.

I've got a little 14.1 or 2 coming in September. I'll see how they look there.

I just commented on v-grrrl's blog. We have a year of partying with that woman before she abandons us ... :)