Thursday, August 23, 2007

आ रैन्य बेल्गिए कंद ऑफ़ दय

You know those disasterous days when you can't wake up because you couldn't sleep and then when you do wake at 10am, it's with that headache, the bad one that comes occasionally.

And then there's the heavy rain that you love but it has stolen your sunshine and the sunshine might have saved you a little.

There was the phone call, the superb phone call asking you if you were available to take photographs for a guide book of the city's various groups ... the Turkish, African, Moroccan and etc at some of their meetings.

And I realise again that volunteer work gives me some of my best gigs.

Europe is slowly waking up after its long summer slumber, taken in spite of the weather here in Belgie. September is beginning to fill up with all kinds of appointments and plans and October is all about Corryl and Passchendaele's 90th commemorations.

And I have permission to use those photographs and that testimonial in the revamp of my photography website, just a little more work and I can get everything tidied up there.

I'm photographing a wedding in September, traveling through France with American friends, having New Zealand house guests and taking photographs for this guide book, oh and English classes start mid-September too.

Just a hello from the kiwi, sitting at her desk next to an open window where the rain is softly soothing her, Nora Jones is doing her 'Come Away With Me' thing and the Detective Frost is trying to lure her back into its pages.

And yes, I believe the title might be in Hindi.


Manictastic said...

I knew you could speak other languages.
Good to see you have loads of work for your regular income plan, one day when your in your big fancy dancy private jet flying to Kiwi-land, you will remember the little people who once and still adore you. :)

V-Grrrl said...

Ha, ha. I'm with Manic. We can say, "We had our portraits done by Di back when she was just another depressed expat in Belgium." : )

Di Mackey said...

Manic, you can only be mocking me about my linguistic abilities ...

The new job is a freebie, it's the volunteer work I do for the integration people here in the city.

I do try to be adorable don't I ... writes the woman who is laughing a little.

Hey, Sahara carries your little plastic toys everywhere with her :)

Hah Veronica, you can actually say airily 'Oh Di Mackey, she's our personal family photographer ... She jets in once a year just to catch up and photograph us all, the kids, the grandkids, eat chicken soup and lasagne'.

Manictastic said...

That's good to hear she's enjoying the thingies.

wandering-woman said...

OK, but I get to say "I knew Di Mackey when she was just a talented expat photographer, wondering who'd pay for THAT" (her brilliant work published all the hell over the place by now...) Because I can't say what Vgrrl will, obviously. No kids or grandkids, and lasagne isn't my favorite.

Too eerie, by the way, as I read this post, Nora was singing the exact line the exact song.."come away with me..." Freaked myself out.

Di Mackey said...

Ahhh but you could say, 'we had all these doubts about our website way back then too and now look where we are today'.

Hey, let's do a trip in November then :) Nora said ...