Sunday, August 26, 2007

3am and sleep isn't happening ...

So, after working for hours on revamping my photography website (yet to go live) and posting some photographs on various blogs, I thought it might be fun to phone Shannon ... she who recently moved back to New York city.

I was right. Amusing it was.
She was down in the subway on a hot New York evening, surprised to pick up her cellphone and find a perky-sounding New Zealander laughing and saying 'G'day' or whatever I said via my skype phone from here in Belgium.

She's the star of my new-look photography website (that one yet to be launched) and I needed permission to use an image of her on the front page.

Permission was granted by my bemused favourite model.

You know when you work really hard on something you're passionate about and then there's no way of sleeping?

That's about where I'm at tonight.

I've written 'about me' and 'why you would hire me as a photographer' texts until I can't write anymore about me because I don't know what else to say.

I've written for permissions to use various photographs from political receptions through to the big commemorations down on Flanders Field, the pony camp even and I've asked for testimonials from those who have worked with me over the last few months, just to let potential clients know how it is to work with me.

I have to have my photography out there and advertised before I start teaching English mid-September, and then I need to have that running smoothly so that I can get on with my interviews for the delicious website that is still with the web designer but that will one day be set free and need loading with much interesting 'stuff'.

Hmmmm, so now I come close to why Di isn't sleeping, add the 'to-do' list to the fact that this house has been a red wine free zone for quite a number of days now ...

Okay, hoping you slept better than me.

Tot straks from the kiwi in Europe.


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Ah yea, many of us are familiar with that "so much work in our mind" insomnia...

Hope you sleep well soon :)

Manictastic said...

Poor insomniac!

Di Mackey said...

I used to have the 'no work and so much on my mind' insomnia but this is the new version of 'so much work' ... I like it. Today was a good day.

Bedankt Manic.