Sunday, August 05, 2007

Operation Vegemite ...

Yesterday, on our way to the party, Gert and I called in at the British Store over Brussels way.

I was on a quest for various things, including a new jar of Vegemite.

And quest it is ... a medium-sized jar costs 6.50euro, a million times more expensive than back home in New Zealand.

Belgian bread is quite different too, so I picked up a bag of English white toast bread ... a pause while all Europeans outside the UK grimace at the thought of it but I haven't been home in 3 years so the bread was a small taste of something like home.

Today has been spent in front of the computer working on photographs that have to be mailed tomorrow ... and it's hot here, really hot.


V-Grrrl said...

Confession: intellectually I know Belgian bread is far superior to American bread, but I still prefer American bread (except for baguettes).

womanwandering said...

I giggled when I read this ... we all have our terrible expat secrets, don't we ;)