Sunday, August 26, 2007

Di Mackey Photography Website Relaunch

Translates as 'I have a clever man who knows html and is fine about giving up a weekend to help me'

Dank u wel Gert!

So feel free to wander on by and see the results of a weekend's hard labour on Di Mackey


Peter said...

The html is pretty clean, even the extremely strict validator at
gave it a pass
(enter your website url to check for errors, most are minor or irrelevant)

You may want to add an additional Document Type Definition, but the code is pretty clean (I guess it was based on a template)

Thumbs up for Gert!

Di Mackey said...

A big smile here ... dank u wel! And yes, it was a template and we never imagined it could be so altered.

His technique was some html, some trial and error, and the occasionally terrifying 'That shouldn't be happening'.

Mark J said...

I like it - Well done Gert :)

Kristin said...

Pretty site.

And those are some wonderful photos. Beautiful.

Di Mackey said...

Gert said 'thank you' but mentioned that I guided him in the 'look' that I wanted.

Hey thanks Kristin.