Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nikos Laskaridis Photography

Interested in a stunningly exquisite photography website?

Make sure your sound is on, it adds to the experience.

Nikos Laskaridis Photography .


Alexpr said...

Wow, he's got some fabulous stuff there. Nice find Di. Lot's of atmosphere and I really like the way his site works - adds to the experience.


Di Mackey said...

Stunning isn't it!

Peter said...

Most impressive.

His use of professional Flash encoding creates a stunning multi-media experience.

But I have my misgivings regarding the authenticity of several of his photographs.

Most are visibly 'Photoshopped', but given the extensive DTP experience of the author they may have been elaborately manipulated.

When I look at the images in "emotive", I can no longer discern whether some of these photos were digitally remastered or not.

I guess re-mastering images is a choice. I liked Jurassic Park, but I knew I was watching digital art.

When I look at his pictures, I'm no longer sure whether a 'view through a door' is fake or real.

The overall effect is stunning, but I do like to know what I'm looking at :-)