Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Parisian Graffiti

Parisian Graffiti, originally uploaded by - di.


paris parfait said...

Such a great photograph - your eye never skips a detail! xo

woman wandering said...

Lol, thank you Tara ... there was so much to see in your city! xo

Mark J said...

Cant help but think carving your name in a tree isnt eco-terrorism. If only trees could carve their attackers back.
This whole tagging thing is a desperate attempt of some to have their 15 minutes of fame, with no associated talent.
Sadly Di - I'm serious here. Tagging living things is simply uncool. At least a building can be repainted.

No reflection on your image Di. :)

woman wandering said...

Eco-terrorism ... hmmm, didn't see it from that angle. I guess it's a more obvious than the big business folk tearing down many trees for new buildings or paper. And is carving a name on a tree worse than getting into your car on a daily basis ... not that I'm defending tree terrorists ;)

15 minutes of fame? Ahhh but, writes I, in Haghia Sophia there's a piece of graffiti that has always fasincated me - it was done by one of the ravenging hoardes ... way back when Constantinople was the place for ravenging hoardes to go do their ravenging.

Anil P said...

He trusted the tree to remember him when no one would.

woman wandering said...

And the tree did.