Sunday, April 22, 2007

My crazy excellent life ...

I didn't expect to be a grandma at my age, nor did I expect to have my grandchild move in with my Belgian husband and I because of course, who knew I would be marrying a Belgian after spending 2 years in Istanbul ...

Sometimes I just have to write it all again because I find it all so surprising and amusing but there you go ... life happens and it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anyhow ...

This weekend has been a fantastic one in terms of people ... from photographing the mainly African theatre group yesterday through into today when I spent a couple of hours interviewing a truly interesting man for the new website Erin and I are working on.

I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to be doing what I did this weekend.

But it was also a weekend of marathon housework ... and here I am, fresh from removing the hint of yogurt handswirls from the big windows at the end of the lounge; from vacuuming without sucking up those little animal stickers or hairbands belonging to Miss Two; hanging out washing with tiny little socks using all of my hand/eye coordination skills as I fitted them on the line between little sunfrocks and tops and etc ... the apartment is a place of civilised living again ... for the moment anyway.

Gert's children will roll in any minute for an overnight stay and little Miss Two is terribly excited about helping 'Mama' make toast for EVERYONE in the morning.

Jessie and Gert both have some kind of flu, although the painkillers have kicked in and they're looking much better than they did earlier today and I'm feeling ... I don't know really ... exhausted but happy as I download all the images from today's performance.

Ahhhh today's performance ... it turns out that Miss Two specialises in performing very loud, very performance orientated songs that sounded suspiciously like drinking songs (songs I know she's never heard) ... complete with the dramatically outstretched arms at the end.

I was negotiating with her about singing a little more quietly, as I wasn't sure that the neighbours would find her cute bellowing as endearing as we did ... and anyway, they couldn't see the accompanying expansive hand movements so how could they even begin to appreciate it all.

There was no negotiation ... her songs could only be sung LOUDLY.

And that was a slice from my crazy excellent life ...

I hope all is good in your world.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Lucky you with all your businesses and a little child and a bigger one. You really should call VTM for a docusoap: The New Zealanders :P It could work.

woman wandering said...

The docusoap ... lol, uh huh. You would get on well with my Dutch friend who told me, years ago back in NZ, that my life was like a soap opera. He was laughing at the time and spent a month with us, so I think that was a good sign.

Hot weather again today ... stunning for Belgie eh wot ;) Have a good week at uni.