Monday, April 16, 2007

Much ado about a few things ...

A new way of looking at hot weather (or an old memory resurrected) ... the child's washing dries just as fast as she can dirty it in 25 celsius plus.

It's been a day of busy-ness.
Housework and then we walked to the playground.
It's hot out there, really hot. We were valiant but left the park just after 12, running for that bus ... managing pushchair and child and bag and ticket clicking, and possibly providing entertainment for the other passengers all at the same time.

I had forgotten the challenges of day to day life with a little person.

Home again, rested some, I caught up with my phone calls. I have a photo session on Saturday, a guy from the Ivory Coast, and there's a multi-national rehearsal that needs a photographer there taking some pics.

Then it seems I might have said yes to being an English speaking immigrant on a television programme on Language ... I'll know more if and when the tv station phones and I can ask more.
That one is still in the slightly surreal basket.

I feel the need for a nice bottle of red and the balcony except it's still at least 25 celsius out there and full in the sun.

Let's see what can be negotiated with my Belgian bloke when he gets home. I think I might have agreed to being his cheap immigrant labourer, helping deliver his party's political newspapers ...


Manic said...

Di on TV. Hell maybe you'll get your own TV show :D

woman wandering said...

Lol, I doubt it ... who would understand me if I relaxed and just spoke pure New Zealandese ...

Anyway, let's see what happens.

V-Grrrl said...


I bet they want Di to read erotic poetry...since she's so EXPERIENCED and comfortable in front of the camera. (SNORT)


I think you owe the Belgie some cheap immigrant labor...After all GRANDMA can't distribute all those fliers on his own.

woman wandering said...

You naughty naughty woman lol ... I'm still giggling after reading your comment v-grrrl.

I giggled when I thought it was Manic writing it, then second reread, I realised 'but no, that's Ms V-grrrl casting shadows over my lily white image' tsk tsk tsk!

Then I giggled some more after reading it aloud to 'Grandma' and he snorted and laughed.

So yes, thank you for the smiles so close to midnight on a Monday.

awomynda said...

She is toooo cute!

woman wandering said...

She is a wee cutie, isn't she. I've told her all about Marlon and she's looking forward to meeting him.
True dinks! :)