Friday, April 20, 2007

Cafe Press and Babysitting

My daughter and I were awake until early this morning, creating our very first online Cafe Press shop. We've been crazy-busy loading photographs and images ... I'll create a link to it as soon as we're done.

Going through folders and folders of photographs has been interesting, as I often use the best of a set of images but had failed to organise the rest in a memorable or efficient way ... the shop opening is surely a timely reminder to organise before this production develops much further.

My colour-coded list for today only has 6 things noted down on it ... it seems possible all will be done in between repeatedly throwing a pink fluffy blanket over the sofa and a chair to 'make ma house!!', as requested by little Miss Two.

I feel like I'm participating in some kind of aerobics step class ... sitting down at the computer to write this then walking over to 'make ma house' each time she wiggles too much and the 'roof' falls on top of her and her toys and her books ...

Talking of my old photographs... the sleepy cat on the window ledge was taken back in my Istanbul days. The store window was in Ortakoy and I had been wandering through the 'Intellectuals Market' that day ... a beautiful market on the edge of the Bosphorous, a place where you can find some of the best baked potatoes in Istanbul.


awomynda said...

sounds like a very exciting project! can't wait. Cappuccino's all round?

woman wandering said...

I don't know ... a glass of red might be nice ;) Must get back to you, talked over dates with Gert, I think we're fine for all of them.

Peter said...

Loved your photo of the sleepy cat in Istanbul Di, hope I manage to arrange a citytrip to Istanbul before or after the July/August summer holidays. I'll make sure to bother you with 1001 questions before I leave ;-)

woman wandering said...

Thanks Peter, it's one of my favourite images and people either love it or hate it.

I will spend endless hours talking of all the best places I know in Istanbul ... happily. Let me know and we can meet for those 1001 questions :)

Peter said...

I'll make sure we can arrange a meeting Di (I've got your number) - it's a great offer as you've experienced the town as an expat. But first of all I must find a willing travel partner (there are some troubling "issues" with Eric, my former diving instructor so I will have to find another companion)

Most of the people I know have families and children - and I just hate package deals during the overcrowded summer or school holiday peak-season.

BTW: the chance that I'll be traveling again to Egypt any time soon has become very remote.

Manic said...

Stunning picture, cats are great subjects for picture taking, certainly when asleep.
I remember building 'ma house' too, those were the days, I think I kept doing that until the age of ten, then I started building house in the local woods.

woman wandering said...

Sorry to read of Egypt not being an 'anytime soon' destination but you might find that you fall in love with Turkey. It has anything anyone could wish for ... or so it seems.

Anyway, talk to you soon :)