Friday, April 06, 2007

Newsha Tavakolian and EVE

I was reading Cafe Babel's Brunch with Newsha Tavakolian, an Iranian photojournalist who has covered Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon, the invasion of Iraq as well as her own country ...

It was there that I read of EVE, a group founded in conjunction with five other photojournalists from South Africa, Georgia, Brazil, Thailand and Spain.

Newsga said, EVE is "a platform from which we can express ourselves and, through our photographs, give a voice to the problems of the world's women".

I went searching and found EVE's about here.

They had written EVE is the result of a common aspiration: to mobilize each of its member’s photographic approach and interpretation of the world in order to provide an original and powerful series of work.

These six photographers have a specific vision and individual centers of interest; but they also share a passion and strong common convictions about how and why they document our world, providing a different, yet cohesive interpretation of it, in addition to offering eloquent ways to apprehend and decode it.


My Marrakech said...

This sounds amazing. Thank you so much for the link.

woman wandering said...

EVE does seem amazing, doesn't it.

I read of you over on Tara's blog and then popped in to read your blog. I liked what I found, wanted to read more, didn't have time.

Of course I was going to link :) That's an interesting blog you have.