Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oya lélé and Tarkan's 'Kiss Kiss'

So life has changed ... if I didn't realise it before, I do today.

Here I am, fresh from dancing to Oya lélé with Miss Two. Actually less than fresh - it's about 30 degrees celsius today.

Yesterday was teaching one last time in Brussels and a letter from an annoying administrateur-general in Belgium. Apparently I am required to attend integration lessons here in the city due to a change of rules regarding immigrants ... I blogged it but it was a wee bit sarcastic and so I deleted.

Time passes, the music changed and Miss Two and I just giggled our way through Tarkan's Kiss Kiss, more correctly known as Simarik ... it's delicious. Everyone needs to hear this song once in their life, at very least.

I've been missing Turkey so much in these days. I'm reading a book about it and then watching Tarkan's youtube which looks like it might have been filmed in Istanbul ... sigh.

I'm writing this against all the odds as I have a little person perched on my knees, somehow writing on paper in front of her, pressed over my wrists as my hands touchtype my post, sight unseen.

Tomorrow I'm photographing Eric, the Rwandan model at a park ... delivering photography cds and 'stuff' ... one never knows quite what kind of 'stuff' one might end up doing these days.

I'll leave you with Eiffel 65's 'brilliant' song Blue, a song my daughter and I used to sing along to in the safety of the car driving back along Dunedin's winding peninsula road sometimes ..

It has to be said, little Miss 2 is incredibly impressed by this little blue youtube.
You will be too ;)

Tot straks and happy dancing.


Manic said...

I know all three songs and I'm only questioning you on the Oya Lele, but I guess it was for little Ms. Two. I think she'll integrate very well here, she probable knows more Dutch than you do by now:P That was nasty of me, wasn't it:d

woman wandering said...

Hey monstro manic ;) I know Dutch, it's only that it falls out of my mouth incorrectly... I haven't developed the mouth musclature for doing what you guys do to vowels, and with dipthongs ... ouch ouch ouch. I think I can sound one of them correctly.

Spanish was simpler for me, then again, I didn't 'study', I only mimicked but it was possible and I found that exciting after failing on words like 'zelfmoordneiging' and 'consumptiemaatschappij'

Oya Lele was for Miss Two however, in the privacy of your own home try dancing to it, it's very very cool ;)

J said...

Music can make me feel a little homesick too.

Mark J said...

Di - hear's a song I think you might enjoy.

Sorry about the subtitles :)

chiefbiscuit said...

I love Blue! Nice to know it reminds you of the Peninsula - our son got married last Thurs on the Peninsula. Go here for piccies.
Glad you are enjoying your grandaughter and daughter being with you.