Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Instead of Amsterdam and fabulous Mexican food ...

I'm cooking a New Zealand leg of lamb with roast potatoes, onion and garlic, aided and abetted by a bottle of Australian red wine.

This creates a need to find that fine balance between the intake of red wine and the output of perfectly cooked roasted food.

I'll let you know.


Manictastic said...

Now look what you've done. You've made me hungry.

Oh, around what o'clock do New Zealanders eat their meals? Is it like the British, dinner at six pm? Or is it totally different?

Di Mackey said...

Well ... sorry about that, the house smells delicious ... roast meat, potatoes, garlic and onion. Yum.

New Zealanders ... okay, some eat around 6 or 7 like the Brits but I thought this 6pm thing was a Belgian thing. Have you ever been to the supermarket around 6pm?

Me, I love the Spanish/Italian thing best of all... big lunch, late dinner, late nights, late mornings.

Manictastic said...

I always find it weird that people eat at six. You are bound to be hungry again when you go to bed. I usually eat around seven or eight. Never been to a supermarket at six, but I can picture the crowdiness.
Yea, Spain is lovely. Eating at ten or eleven o'clock. I'd love it.

Mark J said...

Where's my invite Di? :)

Di Mackey said...

Spain ... Italy, let's agree they are perfect then Manic.

Mark, there is the small matter of the 24 hour flight getting here. But anyway, open invitation, as you know.

Anonymous said...

Next time try to make Belgian sprouts with your New Zealand lamb ... a perfect match! And ... it's not taking 24 hours for me to come ... but I just had my dinner (past 8.pm!). So it will be the next time.
See you!

Di Mackey said...

Belgian sprouts ... you know, I once picked them for one hour for a friend I also picked apples for when I lived in Marlborough on the airforce base.

I stood up after one hour and said, I'm sorry, I can do this. I went home, took off my muddy gumboots and my wet weather plastic trousers and swore that I would never pick them again.

Eating them is okay as long as they are tender and there's lots of butter involved.

Hmmmm, you guys must come to diner ... we would love that! Expect an invitation one day soon, maybe you could meet Peter and Hans too, let's see whose around. I have this little dream of one day organising a big long wooden table for huge Italian dinners out on the balcony, until then, we should start having small dinner parties inside, especially over what promises to be a wet grey winter.

Talk to you soon Lut

Peter said...

That almost sounded like an invitation (Trust me, I'm no party crasher) :-)

Di Mackey said...

Lol, I know you're not and you surely know you're invited. I'll get back to you on that one Peter. I just have to get through Sinterklaus and then let's see what we can organise during the holiday season.

Claudia @ kysstherayne.livejournal.com said...

Replace the lamb with silken tofu and I'm SO there woman! YUMMMMMMMMMMM! I'll even bring the wine! PS - Sprouts roasted with olive oil and thyme - try it sometime. TO DIE FOR.

And now, I REALLY must get to bed.