Thursday, December 06, 2007

A day out in the big city with my camera gear

Last week I was over in Brussels working to capture the launch of the European Platform for Jewish Muslim Co-operation.

It was held at the European Parliament in Brussels and 85 people attended, including MEPs Paolo Casaca (Portugal), Richard Howitt (UK), Gay Mitchell (Ireland) and Jean Lambert (UK); Vladimir Sucha, Head of the Culture Unit of the European Commission; and the Director of the European Network Against Racism, Pascale Charhon.

The launch brought some interesting groups together and having the freedom to work with my camera without restrictions reminded me, yet again, of why I love working as a photographer.

If curious, you can read about the launch here and view a slideshow of my images here.

And yes, the bus is the bus I wrote about here.

I find myself more and more attracted towards ngo work and have been researching various projects in a field I didn't know much about until recently.

Let's see where it leads ...


Jon said...

Actually, I've always wondered what kind of Camera you have? I mean, I assume its a Digital SLR of some description with various lenses & flashes etc. But being the fact I was looking into getting one myself, the opinion of someone in the know would be a bonus :D

I may know about computers, but when it comes to cameras I'm about as knowledgeable as I am on that subject as I am dutch but time tables.

Di Mackey said...

Hey there :) Tell me how much you want to spend and I'll send you some options (but definately only outlines, to be ignored in favour of more knowlegeable folk)

It's frustrating but I have the best gear I can afford at the moment and dream of the rest. I have a Canon EOS 400D and a 350D, with a good 75-300mm lens and some others I use less.

But depending on spending power and what you plan on doing with a camera, there is SO MUCH choice out there.

Talk to you soon then. What kind of chocolate to you like, just btw. Light or dark?

Jon said...

I don't eat chocolate, my father worked for Cadbury's when I was a little kid, so I'm kinda chocolated out :P, if you must though I eat white chocolate on rare occasions.

I hope you have alot of spare time in the near future, Im up to 11 DVDs for you so far, and I imagine Jess will make you watch Star Gate with her, and thats another 16 DVDs :P

Di Mackey said...

Oh lordy, I hope Mark doesn't read this. I still have to get through the Dead Like Me series which I love but I've had so much to do lately.

It's been a busy autumn and the dvd doesn't play on my laptop ... hmmm, need to fix that so it does.

Okay, so Belgian chocolate isn't for you :) We'll think of something.

Jon said...

Well, aslong as your laptop reads dvds, doesn't have to play dvd format, it'll be fine, they're all in motion video anyways, not dvd. So they'll play in windows media player fine.