Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Day ...

Wandering in Rome, 2003, originally uploaded by - di.

I'm heading off in multiple directions, questioning old directions, exploring new ones. This afternoon I sat down and worked on two articles for the new website, this morning I spent time with Peter and Veronica in this cold cold zero celsius city near the ice skating rink in Grote Markt.

It was lovely to hang out with the two blogging creatures who occasionally try for a blush from me and it made winter seem not quite so ... wintery, despite it being so cold.

Tonight I'm awash with memories of Rome after spending the last few hours writing of it ... I had flown into Rome expecting to find that the city of myth and legend had become a hollowed-out shell over-run by tourists - instead I stepped into a city where the past and present co-exist; a city where you could cross rivers on works of art like the exquisite Saint Angelo Bridge, adorned as it is with angelic sculptures created by Bernini and his students in the 17th century.

And I learned that time and light were different creatures there.
That light was golden and time seemed to bend across centuries ... cars and asphalt roads curving round the ancient Colosseum; trendy cafes next to the crouching presence that is the Pantheon.


Peter said...

It was my pleasure meeting both you and Veronica again on this cold winterly day in Antwerp Di.

Rome is such a magical place. Your photo made me recall long forgotten memories from way back when I was very young, holding my father's hand while being on vacation along the Mediterranean.

I hope your quest will bring you where you long to be!

furiousBall said...

that ceiling is so beautifully ancient. great shot

V-Grrrl said...

Sigh. Good times all around.

And yes, I'm with Peter: Rome IS magical. The quality of the light adds to its mysticism. Your photo captures the mood and colors perfectly.

My grandparents lived 20 miles outside of Rome before emigrating to America....

Di Mackey said...

I think the sunshine makes up for the freezing days, Peter. It's been another lovely blue sky day today, I spent most of it sniffing and sneezing.

Thanks Peter.

I loved that place, furiousball. I hope to get back there sometime in the months ahead.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave Rome, then again, so many Belgians can't comprehend why I might have left New Zealand behind.

chiefbiscuit said...

Beautiful writing!
Have a Happy Belgian Christmas with your family close around you - lots of warm fuzzies!!!

Di Mackey said...

Thank you Kay, thank you very much!

And a really happy NZ summer Christmas to you and your family too :)