Thursday, December 06, 2007

A few pages from a life ...

It's been a quiet couple of days in here in the flatlands.

The weather has been borderline appalling and I have sick people in my house. A few things went wrong yesterday and made the day fairly miserable however ... there's always tomorrow and it has definately been a better day.

I've been digging through an old journal that has been traveling with me ...
I began it back in June 2000, when my life was quite different and I had no inkling that by June 2007 I would have spent two years living in Turkey, married again and moved on into Belgium to live with a multi-lingual guy who speaks a language that often makes me feel like I'm mocking when I attempt it.

Just hear me say 'sneeuw'.
It's not deliberate,I hasten to add.

Back then though ...I had been missing lectures because my daughter was ill but I was going into my political anthropology exam with 22.8 out of 30, I was waiting for essay results in Modernism and Literary Research, was studying James Joyce's 'Portrait of the Artist' and had picked up an A+ and 94% on a webpage I had designed in Literary Research(oddly enough).

I had two Golden Labradors back then, Sandy my ancient soulmate was 15 and I was carrying her on and off the beaches we were wandering, and I had inherited Ellie, a companion pup gifted to my father.

I was deeply concerned about the fact that books would never be the same if I didn't have the superb Prof Ackerley to reveal all those things we miss when we read alone and I was thinking about working on a Masters thesis about Michael Ondaatje whose work I still love.

A quote found in amongst the mess of writing and photographs on the worn out pages ... The first moral is that human life is 'metamorphic'. Metamorphic here is a term of art meant to capture the incessant mutability of human experience, the temporality woven into all human institutions and relationships.
Carrithers, from The Great Arc


V-Grrrl said...

In 2000, my son and my daughter were both attending the same preschool close to home. I remember that time fondly. Finally, they were both out of diapers, daycare was no longer an issue, their stamina was increasing and we could do bigger and better outings together, and the two of them were so close that they slept together every night.

Di Mackey said...

It seems impossible to imagine, they're so grown-up now and there's us, we haven't changed a bit ;)