Saturday, December 08, 2007

eat pray love, elizabeth gilbert

I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's eat pray love because I needed to and while reading tonight I happened upon this lovely thing said to her by a language exchange friend in Rome:

Liz, you must be very polite with yourself when you are learning something new.

And I thought it was something I should remember, since I'm my worst and most evil critic.

The odd thing about this book was that I've wanted it a while.
I waited for money.

Earlier this week I thought to myself 'I should go to De Slegte and see if it's there'.
Then throught 'No, it's newish and it's popular. There's no way it will be'.

So some money came in and I ordered it online.
Yesterday I was visiting De Slegte, my favourite secondhand bookshop here in Antwerp and voila, the book really was there.

I smiled about the universe, was a little cross with myself for ignoring the whole 'feeling' I'd had about it maybe being there and put it back on the shelf.

This morning Gert announced that the online shop couldn't ship it, and suggested I go back into the city and see if the secondhand one was still there.

So I did and it was ...

I'm off into the dark and wet Antwerpen night to photograph a band soon ...


furiousBall said...

i see that book on a lot of people's reading list, i'll be interested to hear what you think.

have fun taking pics of the band

Di Mackey said...

Thanks, it was fun taking the pics.

I took the book to a cafe after buying it and read 36 pages. I'm liking it so far ...

Inge said...

'Eat Pray Love' is an inspiring book, isn't it? I read it a month ago during my darkest days in New Plymouth, when my homesick- broke-unemployed-living-with-the in-laws situation got the better of me. Elizabeth Gilbert's story was immensely comforting and reminded me to be patient and optimistic. I hope you got it for a good price at de Slegte :-).

Di Mackey said...

The book is marvellous, isn't it, although I'm not sure how it is that her descriptions of living in Rome don't send me running to the Ryan Air counter to book a flight there ...

I'm hoping to set up a lot while she's inspiring me because I'm going to miss her when I'm done.