Saturday, December 08, 2007

a small glimpse of my world this Saturday morning

An older sister using a giggling younger brother as her beanbag or zitzak; a granddaughter sprinting off up the hall, not noticing her closed bedroom door because she's looking over her shoulder ... and running into it; a kitchen all steamy and smelling of freshly-baked cookies, coloured icing and icing implements spread over every surface; the brother and sister fight escalating to a rolling across the floor lion cub fight; a man with stuffed sinuses and a headache; Belgian kids tv floating out across all.

I came to my desk to work, situated in lounge-central ... it's not really working out.


Manictastic said...

Sounds like fun! Specially the cookies!!

Peter said...

I know the feeling Di.

When I returned from my "Antwerp ice skating photo shoot' last night (with a 2 m pixel, you can have a laugh) I had every intention to work quietly on my 200 digital snow-ridden shots, but my s/o preferred watching a Japanese horror movie at full volume till 2am. I gave up and went to bed.

Too much distraction really doesn't work out.

I do admire the way you can multi-task: baking cookies, children rolling on the floor, an infected husband: I'd need a Valium :-)

furiousBall said...

this is a great little fly on the wall story for us. i like all the senses you included in this.

Di Mackey said...

There was fun in the mess of it maybe ... ;)

Peter, I should confess, my daughter was the cookie cook. And tonight, well there's the red wine cure.

Thanks furiousball ... I wanted to write something more complex but instead I just wrote of why I couldn't. I've got a new direction I want to take my blog in ... I might wait a few days and make an office space in my bedroom.

V-Grrrl said...

Oh the noise of children. I know so many find it delightful--and I. just. don't.

And yet I hate to be One Who Always Subdues Happy Shouts and Laughter.

At least I have room to escape, though I confess I more often send them out of my space....

The new house has a walkout basement. Two bedrooms, a bath, and a lounge are situated down there--the perfect set up for my two as they head toward teen years and we all need space of our own.

Mlle said...

ha ha ha.. I LOVE this. I can visualize it all like I'm there... makes me miss ya'll, but it's ok. It's good.

kiss the little girl for me :)

Di Mackey said...

We're building my space in the bedroom, V and we're organising wifi so I can disappear up there ... it's nice to have kids happy and playing but yeah ...

The new house sounds fabulous!

I called out to the little girl and said 'Shanti sends you kisses', and she came straight over for a kiss and sent one back to you.

We still talk of you often, so you can walk back in any old time xo