Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why you should try never to fly into Wellington, New Zealand on a windy day

The sights seen in this collection are all common in windy Wellington ... Martin reminded me when he sent me a link to what makes him homesick for New Zealand.


Peter said...


Stay here Di, flying back may kill you!


[I wonder why a French band accompanied this "never even consider trying to land in Wellington on a windy day" video]

Manictastic said...

I think I'll swim to New Zealand after seeing this.

Di Mackey said...

Martin was saying he took flying lessons here. He assured me it's actually very very safe simply because the pilots know that it's difficult :)

Anyway guys, you can't let this put you off New Zealand. You can fly into Auckland (the warm big city up north) or Christchurch (our flat English city in the middle of the South Island (and where I fly in).

No worries ;)

V-Grrrl said...

Oh sure, Di, you're blaming this on WIND but we all know that these planes are being piloted by some of the 50 drunken Santas that terrorized the theater goers, as reported on CNN.

Remember: Friends don't let friends fly DRUNK--unless they're passengers. : )

Di Mackey said...

Those Santa's were FBI v-grrrl, remember???? Or football hooligans from England ... no New Zealander would behave in that way. We're a good and pure race.

Mark J said...

Rest assured Di - not all of these were from Wellington. :) One of the 747 ones was a famous one from Hong Kong.
Although in saying that I've had some pretty hairy landings in Wellington. Still - no one lives forever right?

Di Mackey said...

There was at least one I wondered about ... the sky seemed very polluted and it's not really something Wellington has, specially on a windy day :)