Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sigh ... Top Gear

I seem to be completely addicted to the BBC show Top Gear.

I sit on the couch, laughing sometimes, more often than not saying 'Grief! I can't believe they just said (or did) that.'

It's followed by Long Way Down and I'm completely into that, writes the woman who rarely watches tv.

Okay ...


Manictastic said...

OMG OMG OMG! I just love Top Gear as well. Clarkson is so funny!!! May is such a dweep sometimes, but I like his style of cars. And well Hammond is just Hammond :D

I have to videotape it every week, so don't you tell what happened, alright :d

Haven't watched the Long Way Down, since there isn't any space left on the videotape -I taped Lost when it was on too, and now Grey's Anatomy which is superb as well.

BBC rules!!!

Di Mackey said...

Lol, you too. They're good, they had James Blunt on tonight - he'll surprise you (that's all I'm saying).

I did spend 9 months working in quite a high quality car yard ... nope not the stunning car saleswoman but car groomer but I got to drive some yummy cars. I was 19 I think.

Anyway, I did my first major back wheel spin (patineren) while there, revving the very ordinary family car, pretending I was going to beat the Stag Triumph my work colleague was driving away from the lights.

The squealing tyres made me look round in surprised and I wondered who the big kid was, then realised it was me. My work colleague could barely walk for laughing when we arrived back at the car yard and the owners smelt the tyres.

They were torn between telling me off and laughing ... It was one of the best my colleague had seen.

And Long Way Down ... well, you would have loved it. Really LOVED it, I'm sure.
Sigh ... lots of Nature and space and a really good road trip - it made me miss NZ more.

BBC does rule.

Claudia said...

YOUtube Californication. THAT is my favorite show in the whole wide world. Of course, the fact that I am madly and totally (stalk worthy) in love with David D. has NOTHING to do with it, oh no).

:) Do it. ONE episode. just for little ole' moi. THEN blog about it. DARE ya!


PS - IS it MY turn or yours for e-mail?/?! ;)

Jon said...

We here as the house of horrors (my flat with my flatmates) watch Top Gear on a regular basis, its a great entertaining show ^_^

And I had a little laugh at Di the street racer :P

The Wandering Turk said...

I spend countless hours in front of the telly in Turkey (when I'm visiting) watching Top Gear. One time I watched 6 hours of Top Gear while flying from Johannesburg to Dubai....It was one of my better trips!

Anonymous said...

When Top Gear is on, our house shuts down..the laugher is often heard from a number of rooms around the house.
I laughed an the thought of you "girl racing" (new term the girls call themselves in NZ).

Di Mackey said...

Californication? I did and ended up distracted by the song last night. Will search again today Claudia. It's always the other persons turn to email ;) lol

Top Gear is superb, nice to read you have good taste Jon.

It was a superb beginning to my street racing career eh wot, didn't they used to call it 'laying a patch'? Sigh, shouldn't have confessed.

6 hours with Top Gear, and I can totally understand how you might do that Wandering Turk Bey.

I love when the entertainment is good on those long haul flights. It is factored into my preference for Singapore Airlines when doing the 24 hour flight home.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Anon ... me as a girl racer :) and shamefully, I don't dare drive in Belgium. Between everything happening on the wrong side of the road and the absolutely terrifying priority right road rule that horrifies most foreigners unfamiliar with it, the speed that Belgians travel the city roads on, aggressive trams and buses and bikes with a LOT of right of way on their bike paths, my girl racer days are just a memory. Sigh, need to come home and do the big South Island tour again.

Claudia said...

Di Mackey said...

Hmmm Californication looks interesting. Thanks for the link but I've never heard of it over this way ... not yet anyway.

It's David in a whole new way! :)

Jon said...

I'll send over some Californication for you lot on a dvd in the next care package.

It's a comedy gold mine. I have never found myself so amused by such blatantly offensive things in my life.

Di Mackey said...

Much appreciated Jon, we must send a care package back your way ... watch this space :)

Southern Redneck said...

I can finally say that I whole heartedly agree with something that you've written.

Di Mackey said...

I had to read that a couple of times, Paul. I'm not sure you've ever agreed with anything I've said 100% in the 30 years I've known you.

Did you realise it's been 30 years ...???? But we're still so young.