Thursday, December 13, 2007

L&P - a drink the rest of the world probably doesn't know anything about

Thanks Mark ... and Mum had a key.
Midnight swims were the best.


Mark J said...

One summer Dad and I did the Chlorine "thing" for the school caretaker when he was on holday. I still remember the smell today.
Hmmmmmm...tasty chlorine.... :)

Di Mackey said...

Lol, was it Ernie Smith, who named his daughter Diane, in honour of me, or Mr Stanton, or someone I don't remember?

Do you think those chlorine o.d's harmed us? I was a competitive swimmer later, over at the Taieri Baths ... sigh.

Mark J said...

Twas Ernie Smith, if memory serves.
I remember the stinging eyes, but mostly how cold the water was, especially on the warmest summer days :)

Di Mackey said...

I adored Ernie :)

I went on to become a competitive swimmer for a while there, the Taieri Baths were so much colder ...

I've been having Green Street Intermediate swimmingpool flashbacks today!!! I hold you entirely responsible for this state of affairs.