Friday, July 13, 2007

Today was a day ...

Spent in the company of interesting people ...

The morning began with sad farewells to almost everyone I had spent the last 5 days with. The Seraphim Choir departed from the Irish Peace Village, mostly heading home to New Zealand, leaving Martin and I to work on the next project.

We drove over to the New Zealand memorial at Mesen to join up with Steven and Patrick, two truly superb local war historians who work on things cultural in the village of Mesen. Chris Pugsley was there, he's New Zealander and ex-Army man who now teaches at Sandhurst Military School. The Mayor of Mesen arrived, as did Brigadier Southwell - the Head of the NZ Defence Staff in London, and the Air Vice Marshall of New Zealand.

Then came the motorcade transporting the the Governor General of New Zealand.

Our historians gave him a battlefield tour of Mesen and I was there as the photographer, the only one as it turned out ... it was a very nice way to end this visit to Mesen.

I was back in Antwerp and asleep on the couch by 5pm ... knowing that I have 100s of images to work on and send out round the world in the days ahead.

It has been a good week, I hope yours was too.

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