Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy here ...

Some really nice things happening here. It seems that I have the contract for a big photography gig later this year and then there's a wedding in September too.

Meanwhile today is all about doctors and getting my daughter healthy again. She's had some kind of flu for more than a week and things aren't improving at all.

Little Miss Three met Gert's family yesterday and as we were leaving after much feasting and fun she was heard shouting 'I wuv you!' and waving furiously at everyone she's decided to love. I think we could call it a success.

Tot straks.


Peter said...

Sounds great: I'm very pleased to notice that all your hard work as a volunteer paid off.

Some viral infections have a tendency to linger on, it's wise to seek medical advice.

But Miss Three sounds quite happy, shouting 'I wuv you!' ;-)

In a strange way, I couldn't help thinking about my brother's 2 yo: I probably won't be able to watch her grow up, due to the religious fanaticism of her fanatic mother.

It's weird, I blogged about it quite often, but having it come so close is quite chilling.

womanwandering said...

You know, I would recommend volunteering to everyone. I did it without an agenda, beyond pretending to be a useful member of society, and as a result I saw some interesting things and met some lovely people.

Let's see how it goes with your niece ... maybe you can rise above her mother's narrow-mindedness. Everyone needs their uncle and you can be the example that flies in the face of her mother's prejudices.