Saturday, July 21, 2007

An old favourite

The visiting New Zealanders seem to have returned my body clock to New Zealand time ... or maybe it was simply the rotten flu.

I sleep in the afternoons, a sweaty little wreck that slept until 6pm today and then work here at the computer until 2 or 3am. I'm getting better, perhaps things will return to normal once the last of the flu is gone.

I was wandering looking for a particular song and found this old favourite ...


harvey molloy said...

Despite different locations,
different seasons, we have both had flu at the same time. I am feeling better now. I got out of bed and watched a documentary film on the documentary channel called "the last patrol" on Ron Kovick and the Vietnam Vets Against the War protest of the Republican Party convention in 72. I was moved to tears and gripped by their suffering and an awful sense of helplessness as I thought about the numerous wars around us. Have we all lost it?

womanwandering said...

It is strange that we managed that one Harvey ... although I caught it while spending 5 days photographing a group of Wellingtonians and they've taken it back to their world.

I know what you mean about that sense of helplessness ... I've stopped reading the news lately. I'll go back to it but I had burned out on the futility and repetive nature of world news.